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Cool mindz aims to help you to live more consciously by giving you the right tools to facilitate growth and awareness in your everyday lives.

As your transformation coach my goal is to empower you, so you can make a difference to those around you, which in turn will impact positively on your sense of self and the role you play in the world and society, to lead by example, but more  importantly, to lead from within.

Combining the awareness of mind, body and soul, and using creativity as the main point of focus, we will use our individual thoughts and ideas to grow your strengths and diminish the things that hold you back.

I make use of tried and tested techniques I’ve refined over the years, as well as some I’ve adopted from other influential cool minds. To top that, I have a whole new bunch of tools I’ve intuitively put together using my own “cool mind.”

When you embark on your own personal journey, you become better equipped to be of assistance to others, and my desire is to support you in your discovery.

It will blow your mind

I work according to what is important for each client. Each lesson builds from one theme to another and involves discussions where we investigate and interrogate ideas you may have about yourself or the world in general.

I use doodling as a tool to help you communicate and express yourself creatively. This is how we find your unique voice and motivation to embrace the ideas you have which ultimately will lead to self-discovery and a unique way of expressing yourself.

I’ve created visualization exercises and work strongly with affirmations, sometimes created specifically for you, so you have a different one for each lesson. I have a wealth of resources to dip into that I draw on according to what you need from one moment to another.

As we move along I will be guiding you and providing you with as many tools and techniques as I can, to empower you, so you can independently navigate your journey and step into your own power and purpose. 

My 8 principles for transformation

Welcome to my first blog for cool mindz. As your transformation coach, I want to show you how to bring long lasting transformation into your life.

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Why doodling?

I stumbled across doodling while on tour with The Sound of Music in China in 2015. My friends on the tour were very creative and were constantly trying new things. I was a very keen artist in my junior years and mostly drew trees and horses. I did love to draw!! I remember working with black pen on one particular project so I was excited to re-visit that technique again with doodles. Doodling was a cool way to pass the time between scenes or shows or in my hotel room at the end of a long day. It relaxed me.

The main doodle I’ve used for the cool mindz logo, I have re-created from the first doodle that I did in 2015. I’ve included all of my personal doodles into the artwork for the website and will continue to share my journey with doodling as we go along. 

For me, doodling is a way of expressing your own unique creativity by allowing yourself to randomly take your ideas in any direction you choose. It’s more conscious and yet it’s not and the end result can be quite surprising and gratifying.

It’s one of the tools we use to navigate our way through your life and bring you to a better, healthier and more creative place within yourself. 

My first cool minder

Mikayla Yeo

A doodle a day

I gave Mikayla the task of doing a doodle a day with the headings ‘Mind’, ‘Body’ and ‘Soul.’ The instruction was to do a doodle every day, choosing which was strongest for her on that particular day. Was she in her mind the most, in her body more, or did she feel soulful and relaxed.

She has shared her favourite doodles from that exercise and has told me she wants to carry on with her ‘doodle a day.’

The first is ‘Body’, the second is ‘Mind’ and the bottom is ‘Soul.’

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