I have a mind of my own

My name is Taryn Sudding. I was born in Zimbabwe and lived most of my life in South Africa where I had a successful career as an actress, singer and dancer in musical theatre, television and film.

My career spans over 30 years and has involved quite a bit of travelling to all parts of the world in productions like CATS and The Sound of Music. It was ultimately a three year International tour of The Sound of Music that took me out of my comfort zone and moved me into this next phase of adventure and transformation.

I moved to London in 2017 and continued performing in musical theatre, as well as working as a one to one teaching assistant with special needs children, specifically children with autism. I quickly realized that performing wasn’t the only calling for me. I have always had a special connection with children, but I discovered through my role as a TA that there was more value that I could add to the schools in London. 

In 2018, while working as a TA, I was cast as Stella in the UK tour of Summer Holiday and left my position at the school to begin rehearsals.  A few months into the tour, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which after a long period of treatment, took me completely away from my career and any ideas that I may have had about what my new life in London was going to look like. The many months it took to recover from surgeries and treatments, allowed me to reassess where I wanted to focus my energy in the years still to come.

While undergoing chemotherapy in 2019, I began a blog called safespaces.blog which allowed me to openly share my experiences, with the hope that it may be helpful to someone in a similar position and also to reassure those close to me, that I was coping.

Writing became my new passion. Before I knew it, my creativity began to flourish and new ideas for projects started to flow in all directions. 

Everything I read, wrote and connected to led me to the outcome that it was time for me to step into a new role, one that I have been told many times to surrender to.

Over the years, I have received guidance from spiritual healers or teachers, as I’ve curiously navigated my own life.  The word “creative healer” has often been a topic of conversation and has been highlighted as some kind of a calling for me. I’ve often been told to look further than my career as an actress, that my purpose goes beyond performing. 

During my lengthy healing process, while I began to delve deeply into the world of writing and creativity,  the words, “you are a creative healer Taryn,” spun round and round in my head, and while I let those voices loose in my imagination, one idea after another expanded and exploded onto the page. I have journals and journals of notes documenting the growth and ultimate birth of cool mindz.

Everything that I have experienced since I stepped into the unknown has resulted in a rediscovery of myself, which I believe has equipped me for the next phase of my life.

As your cool mindz coach, I look forward to facilitating an exciting and new journey of discovery for you. 

My values and strengths

I believe in supporting one another individually and in communities.

I have always been a seeker of truth, so my communication is clear and honest with enough diplomacy so as not to interfere with your process and choices.

I’m able to remain neutral and calm in times of crisis and will do my best to help you find a way forward.

I subscribe very much to living each day in the moment, so my actions are generally intuitive and spontaneous.

I am passionate about people and self empowerment and have a positive and fearless approach to life.

I have little time for victim mentality, but enough compassion and experience to be able to identify the patterns and help you to overcome and unlock your fears.

I am grounded in faith and have had great success in the art of manifesting.

I work from a “heart space” and have a tremendous amount of trust in myself and in the Universe.

I have great respect towards other religions and faiths and will support you in your desire to work in the way that is the most comfortable for you. 

My vision for cool mindz kids

My ultimate goal is to create a strong desire in children to become their “best selves” and to feel that they are a part of a larger community, going through their own difficulties and challenges which they are trying to overcome. 

By raising their consciousness to include the world at large, they can leave behind a legacy that they can be proud of and bridge the gap that currently exists in today’s society.

We all have different techniques that facilitate growth and success, but I feel that expressing love, compassion and building on their strengths will help them feel more empowered and connected to themselves and their communities.

Because of my background in meditation and the impact it has made on my own life, my hope is that children will become more aware of their “soul nature” and be able to find more stillness in their lives and connect to the knowledge they have within. 

In support and friendship,