Taryn’s Doodles

To introduce the gallery to you, I’ve included most of my own personal doodles, starting with the first one I did in 2015 which I decided to re-create for the cool mindz logo.

I’m not sure what you’ll see in these doodles. I’ve had some fascinating feedback so far. The first one looks to me, like some kind of kid wearing what I feel could be a futuristic helmet with goggles over his eyes, but some people say they see a fish.

You may see something else entirely, it really isn’t important. What’s fun is when you turn them around and look at them at different angles. I’m seeing new things every time. Just let your imagination run wild.

I hope you enjoy all the beautiful contributions from some really cool minds.

To everyone in the cool mindz gallery, thank you so much for supporting me, and to Tyler, you have given more to this website than I could ever have imagined possible. Thank you!